Hi. I'm Nond. And this is my story.

Unplugged Robotics by Nond

Computer Science itself is already a compulsory subject in Thai education for Primary schools. However, a few issues, which mainly include limited budgets and lack of student interest, have arisen in teaching Computer Science in younger year groups in Thai schools especially those in rural areas. To overcome these issues, I have initiated this project to create fun-filled and affordable unplugged teaching equipment that can support Robotics, Computer Science and basic coding.

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Education Equality

Created fun-filled and affordable unplugged teaching equipment that can support Robotics, Computer Science and basic coding for school in rural areas.


Designed to ensure affordability and sustainability and allow activities to be made DIY.

” As we progress into a new decade, Robots and AI are starting to play a bigger role in everyday life. To catch up with the global trends of Robots and AI, I decided to choose Robotics for my elective choice. This elective opens up a massive opportunity to obtain a small taste of this newly-introduced subject. “

— Nond Phokasub Year 10 Choose Electives

sWish Marketplace

sWish Marketplace is an e-commerce platform that aims to connect people in the second-hand market for educational items through a hassle-free platform. We aim to address the pain point where students find themselves with unused textbooks after finishing a semester.

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Unused textbooks after finishing a semester is a common sight among many students. We want to offer a place where unused books can be brought back to their full potential.


We want to connect buyers and sellers in the second-hand market for educational items and build a stronger community through donations.

” Everyone in my house knew that they had to ask me first before they could throw something away because it was very likely that what they considered ‘scraps’ would become part of my new inventions. I enjoyed making my own toys because it meant that I didn’t have to follow a manual and could let my imagination roam free. “

— Nond Phokasub Patana Pathways

Life Library

Stories. Worth. Sharing.

We want to foster a diverse community, curate an enriching video library and document meaningful life experiences from adolescence to the age of thirty and beyond.


Our YouTube channel is home to all the life stories that our team and interviewees want to share with you.


We want to let you recognise our diverse community and feel inspired from our library of life's significant journeys.

” I love embarking on a journey of creating things where there is no limitation on imagination and where the solution is not obvious until the end. “

— Nond Phokasub Patana Pathways